Presbytery Youth Council

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Here’s our handbook – PYC Manual (Rev 8-22)

2023-2024 Presbytery Youth Council


Mary Wright England (FPC Greenville)

Afton Gable (FPC Tupelo)

Maggie Gibens (FPC Tupelo)

William Schuster (FPC Greenville)

Mary Paxton Weathers (FPC Greenville)

The mission of the Presbytery Youth Council (PYC) is to:

  • Plan, promote, and lead programs which will meet identified needs of youth, youth leaders, and their churches.
  • Promote and coordinate youth programs sponsored by the Presbytery of St. Andrew, Synod of Living Waters, and General Assembly.
  • Provide a forum through which youth can express their faith concerns and needs to the Presbytery
  • Empower youth for faithful Christian witness to their peers and others.
  • Provide a network of youth and youth leaders through whom information for and about youth can be distributed.
  • Provide leadership development for youth council members and advisors